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The style + process

Each session I do is completely candid, natural, and true to your emotional story. I use prompts, not poses to allow clients to settle into something that feels natural to you. We play games, we laugh, we run, we banter, we pretend. Sometimes, we get wet and we get dirty. I ask you not to look at me and to instead focus on the other person(s) and your feelings for them. Fresh48 sessions and newborn sessions are true to the location you are in (hospital blankets, cribs, rocking chairs, etc.) and I act as a fly on the wall. Sessions with children are almost completely child led and I don’t use a “shot” list. Everything we get in a session is an accurate and raw portrayal of your family at this time in your lives.



freshie sesh | $425

The hours and days in the hospital after your new baby’s arrival fly by in a blur of euphoria and exhaustion. Those tiny feet wrinkles, that sweet little face unsure what to make of their new great big world, the exhausted but immense pride beaming in mama’s + dad’s faces; there’s nothing quite like those first moments in that hospital room. Those first moments quickly become hard to remember in any kind of detail. With a Fresh48 session we document all of those moments so you can put yourself right back into that hospital room every time you look at them.

*ask about a multi-baby session discount.


snuggle sesh | $425

Oh, that sweet newborn time. The days [and nights] are loooong, but before you know it you’ve got a rolly, army crawling six month old. Gear up for a laid back cozy in home session where we snuggle, document your routine, sip coffee and just be. A morning in life - newborn edition.



lifestyle sesh | $325

Run, laugh, explore, dance, snuggle. We hit all the good stuff in a lifestyle session. This is our opportunity to document you and your fam exactly as you are in a given season in a fun and relaxed way. Outdoors or in home, these sessions are one for the record books.

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