A Little About Me

paige family.jpg

Picture this. You and your favorite people in your element having the absolute best low key day ever. You want to remember this day forever; to look back on it and remember everything from the gentle blowing wind and the sun on your face, to the smell of your little one’s hair, or your partners belly laugh. You wish there was some way to close your eyes in ten years and have every detail of this day come rushing back. The good news is, you can. The best news is, you’re in the right place. 

Hey, hey, hey! I’m Paige - the face hiding behind the camera here at Oak & Honey. I have three wild tiny humans, a husband, and two pups. We’re putting some roots down in a quaint marina town in the southeast corner of The Mitten where we get to enjoy that delicious lake water smell and gorgeous sunrises on the daily. 

Sounds dreamy, right? It is, but we are also in a season of chaos. A season that’s whirling by so fast I feel the overwhelming need to document every bit of it. Every tiny sticky grabbing hand, every early morning pancake fest, every late night snuggle sesh, every laugh, and every single little thing that is so exhausting right now. Because these simple, ordinary moments are the ones I know I will miss the most when we move on to a new season of life. 

And I want to do that for you, too.