Raw. Emotional. Unfiltered.

Life is beautiful, even in the most chaotic of times. Everything we create in a session together is an accurate portrayal of your family at exactly that moment in your lives. My sessions are raw and messy and beautiful because we, as humans and families, are raw and messy and beautiful. I am not interested in delivering a replicated Pinterest photo. Because you and I both know that, while it might be a gorgeous photo, that’s not what we are going to want to remember of our kids, ourselves, our relationships in 30 years. Our time together will reflect this season of life, not a filtered version of it.








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Hi, I’m Paige.

I am a lover of coffee, wine, and brunch. I treasure all of life's little details. I am fluent in movie quotes and have earned a medical degree via Grey's Anatomy. (Major bonus points if you can scrub in with me!) I believe in long road trips with good people, people who don't mind me singing loudly in the car. I find immense joy in exploring the Mitten (that's Michigan's lower peninsula for you out of town folk); it's one of my favorite past-times, especially on the west side in the summer (fresh waffle cones on the beach, anyone?!).

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